VOIP hosting and business voice management are a specialty of Axon.

Network Reliability You Can Count On

Network continuity and availability is vital for the success of a business and the execution of a communications plan. For this reason, Axon constructed its platform on several carrier-class data centers and self-healing fiber optic ring networks and was designed with multiple layers of redundancy to provide maximum uptime and continuous operation. Additionally, Axon uses Points of Presence on a worldwide fiber backbone to dramatically reduce latency and deliver unparalleled network flexibility.

Geographic Redundancy

Geo-redundancy uses network infrastructure and architecture to give you a business continuity solution your company can rely on and to protect against server failure, regional networking failures and natural disasters. Axon uses multiple separate geographical locations to deploy network systems and operate and store application data in order to ensure advanced levels of geo-redundancy.

Data Center Redundancy & Failover

Axon operates paired BroadSoft® switches in multiple Tier-1 data centers strategically located across the country. This diversity of locations offers high-availability through the replication of call processing functionality and session border controller clustering. Local and geographic server redundancy also means zero downtime on upgrades and repairs.

Multiple Levels of Security

Multiple Internet Providers

Multiple Power Sources

Biometric Security

24×7 Security

Seismic Code Construction

Voice Solution Architecture

A wide range of communications services are available with Axon’s carrier-grade platform built on BroadSoft®, Acme Packet®, IBM®, Cisco® and Microsoft® technologies that interconnects with more than 15 major carriers. The ability for the Axon network to peer with Tier-1 Domestic & International carriers allows for flexible number design, increased redundancy, risk reduction and a massively scalable design.

Network Continuity & Redundancy

Axon can build a connection into your network through a variety of options that includes Broadband, T1 circuits, dedicated fiber, or an MPLS network with Bring Your Own Bandwidth or Axon Access. Our dedicated team of Solution Designs Engineers will with you to maximize your current network setup before expanding to other options. Axon’s custom deployments can be as simple as a Direct Internet Access (DIA) install or all the way up to creating a hybrid cloud that ensures that your network never hits the “public” internet.

PSTN / Carrier Redundancy

We have multiple paths to the PSTN network including multiple carriers and multiple gateway interconnection points for the highest reliability. Axon Telecom originates and terminates “off-network” calls with top tier providers around the world.

Inside the Data Center

Our Class 5 BroadSoft® cloud-based platform with advanced PBX functionality is designed with a high level of reliability, approaching 99.9%. Every component in the data center has active redundancy in a high availability configuration with session border clustering for industry-leading performance and capacity.

Gateway Built Down to Customer

The recommended voice appliance for our customers, the EdgeMarc does both inbound and outbound Quality of Services as it sits in front of the customer’s data network. It manages registration to multiple Axon data centers and can act as a primary firewall or use a proxy ARP/bridge mode so that voice and data can converge on the same circuit without issues.

Unparalleled Security

Axon uses a layered and proactive stance against targeted and non-specific attacks state-of-the- art technology to detect and prevent attacks at the network, host and service levels. These defenses are regularly tested to ensure that protection is up to date and comprehensive.

DoS Protection

Denial Of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks are unfortunately becoming reality of doing business online, however the Axon infrastructure is a leader in resiliency and recovery. In fact, the network is specifically constructed to prevent such attacks, and for the ones that are impossible to prevent, to immediately protect and mitigate an attack’s effects.

Toll Fraud Prevention

Axon deploys a number of innovative and proactive procedures and systems to secure and combat toll fraud that includes fraud detection, voice fraud signatures analysis, complex portal verification and more. All alerts are processed through Axon’s famed 24x7x365 Network Operations Center for immediate review and any necessary remediation.

We serve North Haledon, New Jersey, and New York businesses.